A Detroit woman leads a double life, raising her young daughter as she struggles to help lead a pornographic webcam “collective” out of an old mansion duplex. When her best client dies during a session, in order to save the business (and keep custody from her police officer ex) she must rekindle a relationship with an old flame who’s just returned from Silicon Valley with big plans for the future of online sex.

MONEYSHOT by Kevin Kautzman, Abbie Lucas and Lenny Platt is a 30min darkly comic series about web cam models operating out of a mansion duplex in Detroit. It made it to the second round of the Sundance Development Track and the Orchard Project development track. A web series version, MONEY SHOT: LOOSE CHANGE will be available in 2019.
After a brutal separation leaves her ostracized from family and community in the run up to the holidays, a hitherto impeccable (but depressed) Texas empty-nester decides to finally seek her Minnesotan biological mother before it’s too late. Only when she meets an unlikely new friend, a Lakota woman named Aglai, does she realise that blood isn't thicker than water.

GREY DUCK is the first feature film by Kevin Kautzman and Abbie Lucas and is available to view on The Blacklist
Ana and Zane are divorced in every sense of the word, except the most important one, legally. When the time comes to put the final nail in the coffin of their marriage, they discover there is just one thing standing in their way… A series of challenges outlined in their Prenuptial Agreement, designed to reignite their love for one another. Will the trials put to them by their younger selves rekindle their relationship, or extinguish the flame for good?  
THE PRENUP is a feature length micro-budget Romantic Comedy written by Shamir Dawood, Abbie Lucas and Billie Vee. It takes place in Britain and Greece and is currently undergoing development.
SHAKING COCO by Abbie Lucas & Kevin Kautzman is a short film about a woman 'of a certain age' whose escape from Texas to the Ritz Geneva is interrupted by an unexpected guest. Shaking Coco was written for the Ritz short film competition, and whilst it didn't get made, the character 'Jennifer from Texas' became the inspiration for our first feature film, Grey Duck. Also you can read the script over at the Coachella Review Blog.
PICKLEBALL by Kevin Kautzman and Abbie Lucas is a feature length sports Comedy that explores the generational divide between Boomers and Millenials. 
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