Client:  UnLtd and CP+B
Director: Joe Warburton
Editor: Abbie Lucas
For the past year, as part of our #EveryBlindChild campaign, international artist Robert Montgomery has collaborated with blind and partially sighted children and their families to develop a piece of art that shares their stories and hopes for the future. This video follows their journey – from the artwork’s conception to its launch.
"I've been proud to work with an amazing group of blind and partially sighted children on this project. I chose to film them talking about their dreams to give an insight into their vivid and charming imaginations, and also because in a way we are all equal when we dream. RSBC does amazing work in fighting prejudice and opening up life opportunities for this often overlooked group of young people who desperately need our support to live fuller lives." (Robert Montgomery).
You can get involved with the campaign by visiting the light poem as it travels across the country or donating towards our appeal. Find out how at
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