In a very familiar, yet dystopian future where living in isolation is considered normal, a woman named Boo tries to connect with others through video chat. However, each of these people represents one of the Seven Deadly Sins. As their negativity and bad habits gradually infect her, Boo is left feeling lonelier than ever.
Sins Of Solitude was shot entirely on our mobile phones during the COVID-19 lockdown and is dedicated to "all the people who felt hungry, jealous, bored, greedy, privileged, angry and... lonely while staying in".
Created by Billie Vee
Directed by Abbie Lucas
Featuring: Hayley Marie Axe, Cherise Silvestri, Emmanuela Lia, Vincent Jerome, Shamir Dawood, Panos Masti and Christian Vit

Sins of Solitude was featured on the British Comedy Guide, in Esquire Greece and was reviewed on Nerdspan and MIB's Instant Headache

Official Selection UK Offline Web Festival 2020 (Winner 'Best Web Series', Nomination 'Best Actor - Vincent Jerome')
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